Top 10 Google Apps for Android

Here we are talking about top 10 Google Apps for your Android device. Many of them might already installed in your device but some might not heard about these up to now. These all apps are available on Play store for Android users. Let’s have a look at them

10. Gmail Gmail has of course been a staple of Android for a long, long time now, but what a lot of users might not know is that it isn’t just for Gmail users. The new version of the app can be used for all sorts of different email accounts, and it also looks great on Android tablets . A great email app no matter your provider, Gmail is worth revisiting or discovering for the first time, especially if you just want a way to control the chaos of your inbox – or inboxes.

  9. Google Fit Google Fit was launched a couple of years ago now, and since then it’s only gotten better and better. For those who are big fans of Google’s Material Design, and enjoy keeping everything synced together, then Google Fit is worth looking into. It works well with an Android Wear smartwatch, as well as other fitness trackers, but it can also work just fine on your smartphone, too. Google uses all of this data to create a sort of image of your day, where you went, how you got there and so on, to give you an overall look at your day’s activity. For the most part, Google Fit is one of the better free fitness apps out there.

8. Hangouts Hangouts was born out of what used to be known as Google Talk, and has since become “Google’s WhatsApp”. As an app, this can be used for SMS messaging as well as online messaging and the two blend seamlessly together. It’s a great way of sharing photos with people, holding video calls and more. Perfect if your friends were used to the old Google Talk, and also a fun way of bringing some of your friends together with those still using SMS, too.

7.Google Photos Launched a couple of  years ago, Google Photos is perhaps the absolute best way to keep your photos in one place and keep them nice and neat. Using machine learning to figure out what a photo contains, users can simply search for “Dog” to see pictures of their beloved pooch, and it’s a great way to see photos organized by place or by activity and the app will even surprise with neat albums as well as stylized pictures, too.

6.Google Now Lancher Fancy a more low-key and original look to your Android device? Well, the Google Now Launcher will offer just that. It’s essentially a way of getting a stock Android look and feel on your homescreen, but it also adds in a quick way to pull up Google Now or search Google for whatever it is you need. Featuring a clean app drawer that will make a lot of sense to users, and a clean, clutter-free layout the Google Now Launcher is well worth looking into. It’s totally free and should work on the majority of Android phones out there, regardless of their manufacturer.

5.Google Cast Speaking of world’s of content, the Google Cast app is one more way of getting access to all sorts of content. This was recently rebranded from the Chromecast app to the Google Cast app to help better represent all the sort of content it now applies to. This app can be used to send content to a Chromecast or Android TV and it’s a great way of discovering new content as well as new Cast-enabled apps like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and a whole lot more.

4. Google Duo The video chatting app has been one of the most popular app by google as it was been listed in first position in play store in just 2 days of it’s availability.Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment.

3.Google Allo Allo is an instant messaging app akin to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You sign up with your number, but that means your conversations are only synced to your device — you can’t access them when downloading the app via tablet, and there’s also no web client yet so you’re limited to messaging on the mobile app.

2. Google Drive  Google Drive is the simplest way of saving our document online and providing to other through internet. Google drive can store up to 15 GB of your data. Not only storing your data but also you can host your website using Google Drive.

1. Google Chrome Not only in PC’s chrome is awesome in android device too.Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.A fast, secure, and free web browser built for the modern web.   These enlisted apps are available on Play Store for all the countries in world.

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