How to show Owner Information on Lock Screen

In case you’re losing your beloved Android device, you can track it using Android Device Manger, Google’s easy-to-use location-based service. However, sometimes it may happen that someone finds your device before you get the chance to start tracking it. In this scenario, if the finder is kind enough and wants to return the device to you, you can facilitate this by adding your contact information on the lock screen. Of course, you shouldn’t add any sensitive information, just a phone number or an email address will do.


Just follow these steps to add your information on the lock screen.


1:   Goto Settings > Lock Screen.


2:  Now, tap on show information.


3:  Then, goto owner information.


4:  Now you can write your information which you want to show on the Lock Screen. And tap ok.


                          Don’t forget to mark on show owner info on lock screen


To watch video tutorial  CLICK HERE

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