How to root your android phone without using PC

How to root your phone without using PC.

At you should be sure that after rooting your phone warranty will be void anything can happen to your phone it may be hang time and again, it could damage your firmware, and many more.

If you don’t care then here are some steps to root your phone.

Warning: ********YOUR PHONE COULD BE DAMAGED********

Step 1- Be sure your phone charge should be more than 70%.

Step 2- First  download kingroot app. Both ios and android versions are available.

Step 3- After downloading, open it and check your system status. After checking tap on start either it says unavailable too.

Step 4- Install Root Checker Basis either on playstore or app store as if your phone O.S.

Step 5- When root process is completed, open root checker basic and tap on verify root status.

If your root process was successful it shows Congratulation root access is properly installed on your device as in the image.

If it shows sorry or something like that repeat the same steps and root again until this root checker basic does not congratulate you for root access.

Now, you can use the facilities of a rooted devices……….

To watch video tutorials

Using PC- click here

Without using PC- click here

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