How to know the password of wifi which have been connected to your device?

Sometimes our friends or relatives know our neighbour wifi password but won’t tell us they just connect our phones to the wifi networks and we could not get passwords. There are many ways of getting wifi passwords that is connected to your device. I am mainly talking about our android smartphones.

If your device is rooted then follow following steps:

** But if you want to root your device using PC  CLICK HERE   and without using PC   CLICK HERE

If your device is rooted……

Step 1: Goto google playstore and install ES file explorer.

Step 2: After installing open and activate the root permission from
toolbar on left corner.

Step 3: Then just goto device/data/misc/wifi/wpasupplicant. This
location is not valid for all devices. So, first goto device memory and open folder named after data, then open misc, then wifi (there is a folder named wifi), then open wpa_supplicant at last of the folder which is in text format.

Step 4: Scroll down there is the password of wifi which you have connected from the time when you first inserted a password to the device.

The password is just side of the psk key.
You would see random letters and numbers if you use your device to hack wifi networks. You could not see on that device…….

For both rooted and unrooted devices

Step 1: Open google chrome from your device. (optional- request a desktop site)

Step 2: Enter ip address of your router which is in back of router itself

Step 3: A dialouge box will be seen which asks for username and password.

Step 4: As of default username and password type admin on both username and password.

Step 5: A router setting page will be opened and look for password on interface setting on wireless.

There you can find password only of connected wifi.

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