g2ldr.mbr missing problem solved.

While booting Kali Linux there we see a missing file g2ldr.mbr. Today I am going for the g2ldr.mbr file missing while booting Kali Linux. Yes, many of you have faced this problem. This is because you have a disk partition on GTP format but Kali linux wants disk partition on MBR format.



Here is the solution::::::

1: Just go to your boot manager.

2: Now, enable legacy mode on boot.

3: Save the settings and restart your PC.

4: While your PC try to start again press the key for firmware selection (In my case it`s F9 as my PC is of HP).

5: Now, insert your bootable USB or DVD and select your bootable USB or DVD name which is not in any tag ( Simply other than UEFI ).

Click here   to watch video tutorial on creating a bootable USB drive.

6: Here your installation screen will open and then click on Graphical Install to boot.

Click here to watch video tutorial how to boot Kali Linux on Vmware Workstation…

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